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NOLA Solar

NOLA Solar has spent over 4-years helping to develop the local renewable energy marketplace's potential by participating in energy policy development at the state, local, community-based levels.  We have helped to write, get passed and participated in the rulemaking aspect of the State's renewable energy incentives and lobbied local regulators to pass progressive energy policy measures that make using solar products both easy and economically advantageous to the residential customer and the State's energy services marketplace too. 

As a by-product of these enduring efforts, Louisiana has some of the most progressive residential renewable energy incentives in the Nation, including 3rd party ownership, a 50% refundable State Tax Credit (that is available to all taxpayers, not just homeowners), 39% New Market Tax Credit for new businesses, property tax free RE additions, statewide net-metering, PACE {PAEC= Property Accessed Energy Conservation} financing, and risk-based insurance.

The combination of refundable 50% State Tax Credit, the refundable 30% Federal Tax Credit, and the 39% gross, 26% net, New Markets Tax Credits, means that 3rd party solar can be subsidized at 106% of its retail value.   Additionally there are numerous state and local energy efficiency (EE), Smart Build and weatherization incentives too.

What we need is a liquid high net worth investor who can cover the 2-18 months of gap financing it takes to capture these Tax Credit based renewable energy incentives.  This investor would need to make an initial investment of $500k before the end of the year (2010) and provide $10M in total company financing over the next 18 months, starting in February of the New Year.  We currently have LOI's to install the two largest RE system in the State next year for two large commercial customers that represent + 320kW, ~$1.6M and a list of 7000 potential residential customers  Our 36 month business model assumes a total of 143 residential and 3 commercial customers over the first 18 months.

Our Performa anticipates a 30% gross, 20% net return to our investor and 10-20% long term ownership in the company.  We anticipate that the company will undergo 3rd party purchase by a National RE company at ~36 month point as industry consolidation occurs.

We require both an NDA and statewide non-compete, and at least 3 references from companies the investor is currently/has funded.  

Contact Information:
Christophor Faust
Managing Partner
The ReGen Group
720 Julia Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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